A Growing Community of Industry Professionals & Consumers We are working to enact policy change that will allow for a legal cannabis cuisine and beverages in California by 2025.

Advocating on Behalf of the Culinary Community

Bringing together industry professionals, craftsman, & consumers with a shared interest in cannabis cuisine & beverages.

Vanguards of Responsible Consumption

Increase exposure of cannabis cuisine & beverage through the creation of memorable & informative events aimed at destigmatising the plant.

Celebrating with Cannabis Cuisine Events

We host inclusive community events aimed at raising awareness, celebrating ingredients, and highlighting trailblazers of the C2K movement.

Crop to Kitchen Leadership Team Our team of licensed agents is experienced in creating personal and commercial policies.

Kimberly Belle

Kimberly Belle Co-founder, Spokesperson, Bay Area Lead Community Organizer

Day job: Salt & Roe, Hospitality Consultant

Why are you involved in C2K? I want to help steward this new creative expression with integrity so that folks can safely enjoy this magnificent plant in its full culinary expression.

Andrea Burnett C2K PR

Day Job: Founder of The 4wenty Group, LLC –a cannabis lifestyle pr firm

What excites you most about the future of culinary cannabis? 

After many years representing chefs and author experts in the cannabis space, the idea of elevated culinary + cannabis coming together in exciting, new, meaningful ways (and becoming legal!) makes me giddy.